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welcome to my blog i hope you like lesbians


do you ever develop the dumbest crush on someone that you have no chance with and everything u do is dumb and feelings are dumb and i feel so dumb and dumbity dumb dumb


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do you remember the first time you were called annoying?
how your breath stopped short in your chest
the way the light drained from your eyes, though you knew your cheeks were ablaze
the way your throat tightened as you tried to form an argument that got lost on your tongue.
your eyes never left the floor that day.
you were 13.

you’re 20 now, and i still see the light fade from your eyes when you talk about your interests for “too long,”
apologies littering every other sentence,
words trailing off a cliff you haven’t jumped from in 7 years.
i could listen to you forever, though i know speaking for more than 3 uninterrupted minutes makes you anxious.
all i want you to know is that you deserve to be heard
for 3 minutes
for 10 minutes
for 2 hours

there will be people who cannot handle your grace, your beauty, your wisdom, your heart;
mostly because they can’t handle their own.

but you will never be
and have never been
“too much.”


"this started as something completely different, but everything comes back to you, doesn’t it?" - tyler ford (via tylerthelatteboy)

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Artist: UnknownDemi Lovato
Title: UnknownGet Back
Album: UnknownDon't Forget
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"i’ll never be busy enough to not miss you."

m.k. (via flowing-air)


People ask me how I got my confidence and sometimes I don’t know how to answer it… So here goes..
There was a day when I decided to stop repeating those things to myself like “you’re dumb, you’re fat, you’re worthless, nobody will ever like you” 
I would look at myself in the mirror and a slew of these thoughts would interrupt anything positive I could even begin to feel. One day I decided that’s not okay and I can’t keep telling myself these things. So, I just didn’t anymore. If I thought something negative about myself, I would immediately reinforce it with something positive. Like “hey, I’m a great listener, i’m a great cook, I’m a really good friend, I am beautiful, I am a great photographer, I love life, I have compassion, I am really actually great and wonderful.”
Now sometimes, lately more so than not, those thoughts creep in, sometimes it’s inevitable not to let him consume me and let them make me feel bad about who I am. There are days when I still feel uncomfortable in my own skin and can’t stand who I’m becoming. And that’s when I try to remind myself.
The truth is, confidence is a journey. It’s not something you will always be able to feel, it’s something you have to fight for and practice daily. I promise it gets easier, but sometimes it’s just not. And that’s okay too. 
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